SCM Display at Poole Vikings 23rd April 2022

Stand View

Following the cancellations of the previous shows due to the Covid Pandemic the Poole Vikings Model Show reopened on 23rd April 2022 and was, by all reports, a very successful one.

The event was well attended by both Traders and Exhibitors to the extent that the inside cafe was closed to make room for more stands. SCM only had three tables but were able to show a diverse display of models.

The range of models shown included a lifeboat, warships, a submarine (complete with a sound and light show), aircraft, a spaceship and WW II diorama.

Members displaying were David McNair Taylor, Tony Ansell and John Wills

David inspecting the layout.JPG

David inspects the final layout of the stand


The Central attraction was the U552 with sound and lights flanked by

HMS Hood, RM Roma, HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal

Tony and Diorama.JPG

Tony displayed his superb WW II diorama and various aircraft. Sadly the Starship Enterprise suffered some damage in transit

Here is the full list of models on show

David McNair Taylor

U552 German U boat

HMS Illustrious

HMS Ark Royal

Lifeboat "Grace Darling"

Typhoon Mk1B

Tony Ansell

WW II Diorama

Bell X1


Spitfire MK5


USSS Enterprise

John Wills

HMS Hood

RM Roma