D-Day Story Airfix Day 26th October 2021

Airfix Oct 2021.jpg
We were invited to display at the Airfix Build a kit day at the D-Day Story Museum on Tuesday 26th October 2021. 
Members attending from left to right were:
David Mcnair Taylor, Dave (and Andrea) Reith, John Wills, Tony Ansel, Ken Winters and Alan Gamblin. In the front left are Felicity and Jessica from the Museum Staff who ran the event.

                                           Photo by Andrea Reith

It was a typical windy day on the South Coast for our first Airfix Day and a good selection of models were on display.

Stuka              Tony Ansel                           Spitfire      Tony Ansel                             ME 109            Tony Ansel       

Hurricane       Tony Ansel                          TSR2          Tony Ansel                             Osprey            Dave Reith       

Tiger 2 Tank          David McNair Taylor   Leopard 2 A6            Dave Reith            Fairground Vehicles   Ken Winters  Bentley                  Dave Reith                    Opal Calibra DTM      Dave Reith          HMS Hood          John Wills (Owner) 

Queen Elizabeth II    Alan Gamblin          HMS Antrim            Alan Gamblin         RMS Roma          John Wills (Owner)
HMS Ark Royal     David McNair Taylor   USS Arizona       David McNair Taylor   F35 Aircraft        David McNair Taylor

HMS Illustrious  David McNair Taylor     USS Hornet   David Mcnair Taylor        Harrier          David     McNair Taylor


(left) Alan Gamblin captured this photo at just the right time of day to capture the window decoration silhouetted on his HMS Antrim


(left) Tony Ansel's superb selection of Aircraft, many of which featured working propellors and other effects.

The Stuka is in the background with the Spitfire next and followed by the ME 109. In the foreground is the Hurricane and finally the TSR2.


(above) Dave Reith's Osprey complete with rotating propellors and tilting motors

(right)  Ken Winter's selection of Fairground Vehicles in the background with Dave Reith's supercharged Bentley and Opal Rally car in the foreground

(below)  HMS Hood owned by John Wills


(right) HMS Antrim (County Class Destroyer)
built by Alan Gamblin


(above) RMS Roma owned by John Wills built by Devonport Models


(above) The Liner Queen Elizabeth II built by Alan Gamblin


(left) In the Tank section are the Tiger 2 (David Mcnair Taylor) and the Leopard A6 (Dave Reith)


(left) David Mcnair Taylor completes our display with the Aircraft Carriers HMS Ark Royal, HMS Illustrious  and USS Hornet with the USS Arizona in the foreground supported by two aircraft, the Harrier and the F35

arizona ss.jpeg
arizona wide.jpeg