Wed 23rd February 2022 Display in support of Airfix Build Day at The D Day Story

We once again visited the D Day story to display models in support of the Half Term Airfix Build Day event at The D Day Story , Portsmouth .We exhibited 10 models both kit built and scratchbuilt consisting of warships, aircraft and vehicles. In addition Dave Reith displayed his “in build” Airfix 1/24 Grumman Wildcat .

Stand view 2.JPG
Stand view.JPG
John Hawley's HMS Nelson.JPG

John Hawley's HMS Nelson

Alan Hall's HMS Active.JPG

Alan Hall's HMS Active

Alan Gamblins Queen Elizabeth and HMS Antrim.JPG

Alan Gamblins
Queen Elizabeth and HMS Antrim

DMT's Typhoon John Hawley's Swordfish.JPG
John Hawley's MTB.JPG

DMT's Typhoon  and
John Hawley's Swordfish

John Hawley's MTB

We had a good number of visitors and a lot of parents and children participating in the model building where,for a small fee they receive an airfix model kit ( paints and glue etc provided on the build tables)


.As well as exhibiting we also lent a hand with the build projects if required .

Members attending were , Dave and Andrea Reith ,Geoff Young ,Alan Gamblin, Alan Hall, John Hawley and Myself.

Our next event will also be at the D Day Story on Saturday 26th March  when we will be putting on a large display of our models in the event hall . 

David McNair-Taylor       

Geoff Young's HMS Black Prince.JPG

Geoff Young's HMS Black Prince

DMT's Bismark.JPG
DMT' King Tiger , Dave Reith's Bentley.JPG

DMT's Bismark

DMT' King Tiger 
and Dave Reith's Bentley